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The School of Energy and Power Engineering held a Summer Social Practice Mobilization Conference
Date:2019-08-25   View:

At 4:00 PM on June 6th, the Energy Academy held a 2019 summer social practice mobilization conference in Lecture Group 202. The deputy secretary of the school's party committee, Yuan Haiyu, counselor Zhou Deshuai, Sha Mengmeng, and Xiazhen, all newly recruited cadres and representatives of major students in each class participated in the mobilization conference.

At the beginning of the meeting, Zhaoxuan introduced the activities planning of the summer social practice of the college in detail and analyzed the research significance and research direction of each topic. Immediately afterwards, Li Liang of the Ministry of Information and Media conducted training in press release writing from the three levels of press release introduction, press release format and specific precautions; Zhang Yaoyu on how to choose the scene, how to composition, photo skills to guide you how to take high-quality activity photos. After that, the 2018 summer social practice outstanding individual Sun Yangkai, excellent team leader Sun Manling told you how to do high-quality practical, detailed, do this summer social practice activities. Finally, the secretary of yuan issued a call, raised expectations and gave guidance to the students from the aspects of social practice research report writing, social practice topic choice making, practice education process controlling and practice results influencing feedback.

The Social Practice Mobilization Conference has assigned tasks, done a good job in planning, provided references, and inspired people's hearts, so that the college's practice teams have a clearer understanding of summer social practice and a clearer plan. It has laid the foundation and provided the guarantee for the smooth implementation of the college's 2019 summer social practice work.

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