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Student Cadre Defence Training Meeting organized by the School of Energy and Power Engineering
Date:2019-08-25   View:

At 9 o'clock on the evening of May 12th, the school of energy and power engineering successfully held a student cadre defense ability training meeting at active building 1415. Sha Mengmeng, a teacher of the College Youth League Committee, attended the training meeting. Lizheng and Leiyue, the captain of the debate team, served as judges. All the major school cadres who did not have a curriculum arrangement participated in this event.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Sha explained the four aspects of the improvement of student cadres 'ability, attention to matters during defense, improvement of student cadres' literacy, and the dialectical relationship between learning and student work, and combined them with the spirit of May 4th. To the student cadre ideal belief, the moral character repair, the time responsibility put forward the request. Immediately afterwards, Yang Sihang, Guo Chenlong, and Gong Yaoxun, who signed up to participate in the defense drill, conducted a simulated defense. The judges 'teachers proposed solutions to the universal problems that emerged during the defense process. Finally, Captain Lizheng showed all the participants the basic qualities that an excellent student cadre should have from four aspects: etiquette posture, language expression, PPT production, and explanation.

The student cadre defense training meeting taught the basic skills of PPT production and the matters of defense attention, improved the basic quality of student cadres, increased the enthusiasm of student cadres, and laid a solid foundation for future student work in the college.

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