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The youth league branch of class of construction and environmental engineering held the youth league day activity of "welcome the party congress in youth, hold up the youth league flag and follow the party"
Date:2018-12-12   View:

In order to enhance the political identity of league branch members and deepen their ideological consciousness, on Friday morning, students from grade 18 of class of construction and environmental engineering held a youth league day activity entitled "welcome the party congress of youth and hold up the league flag to follow the party" at 507, sanjiang building. The activity was presided over by Ge zeyu, the league branch secretary of the first class of jianhuan, and attended by gao yan, the instructor.

At the beginning of the activity, Ge zeyu introduced the content of the NPC and CPPCC briefly through PPT, and introduced the knowledge of party building and league building with a paragraph of video. During the activity, students chose representatives in groups to share their feelings on learning the spirit of the 19th CPC national congress and the spirit of the NPC and CPPCC. At the end of the activity, miss gao summarized the league day activity and stressed to the students that as contemporary college students, they should have a sense of responsibility and mission, as well as certain political sensitivity and international vision.

This activity has deepened the league branch members' understanding and understanding of the party's line and policy. The students have expressed that they should fully learn scientific and cultural knowledge, establish a correct outlook on life, values and world outlook, carry forward the party's spirit and put it into practice, and improve the ideological consciousness of seeking welfare for all mankind.

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