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  Research Areas
Research Areas

I.Power Machinery Combustion and New Energy Utilization
Person in charge: Qian Wang
Introduction: This research division is carrying out the research on engine spray and combustion process, model development of flow inside nozzle and coupled internal flow spray, spray near field structure study, natural gas combustion model and simulation, engine emission aftertreatment (SCR technology), and micro-scaled combustion, as well as biomass gasification and its engineering application, seaweed liquefaction to produce oil et al.
Members: Shuang Wang, Jin Bai, Wei Zhao, Xin-Lin Liu, Fen Qiao, Peng-Gang Zhang, Zhi-Xiang Xu, Wen-Jun Zhong, Yong-Qiang Feng, Tie-Min Xuan, Li-Li Qian, Ya-Min Hu, Zhan-Bo Si, Wei Li

II.Combustion Theory and Energy-saving Technology
Person in charge: Jian-Feng Pan
Introduction: This research division is carrying out the research on the basic combustion theory of gas/liquid fuel, development of certain combustion equipment with high efficiency and low pollution and power mechanical instruments, aero engine ignition and combustion, micro-scaled heat transfer and combustion, new technologies for the removal and emission reduction of industrial exhaust pollutants, and the optimal design of heat exchange systems.
Members: Yang-Xian Liu, Zhen-Hua Pan, Yue-Jin Zhu, Xia Shao, Bao-Wei Fan, Qing-Bo Lu, Hong Zhang, Yi Zhang, Xiao-Fang Qi

III.Charged Multiphase Flow Theory and Engineering Application
Person in charge: Jun-Feng Wang
Introduction: The main research directions are on charged multiphase flow and its applications in the area of new energy, involving the basic theory studies on electrostatic atomization, multiphase flow, non-Newtonian fluids, and spray technology in agriculture. The major methods contain the theory research, CFD numerical calculation analysis, and modern flow testing technology. The research contents range from the physical phenomenon of droplet breaking to the flow process of jet atomization and transport deposition, even the development and application of new energy science and new technology.
Members: Zhen-Tao Wang, Xiao-Ying Wang, Hai-Long Liu, Yuan-Ping Huo, Shui-Qing Zhan, Hui-Bin Xu, Lu Liu, Bin Li, Kai Yu, Zhong Ma, Jing-Hui Zhi, Hai Wang, Jia-Meng Tian

IV.Complex Flow in Fluid Machinery and Engineering
Person in charge: Can Kang
Introduction: The main research directions include 1) hydraulic optimal design of special pump, 2) unsteady hydraulic excitation characteristics and design method of low noise pump, 3) flow mechanism and application of ultra-high pressure pure water, abrasive water jet and submerged cavitation water jet, and 4) flow mechanism and engineering application of bubbly flow.

V.Heat Flow in Fluid Machinery
Person in charge: Dong Liu
Introduction: The main research directions include the internal heat flow mechanism of fluid machinery, the internal multiphase flow of the vane pump, the structural reliability of high-temperature pumps, the stability of the rotor of large vertical pumps, the design of submersible mixers and its internal flow mechanism, and the optimal design of other kinds of industrial pumps for special use.
Members: Chun-Lin Wang, Ying-Ze Wang, Wei-Xing Xu, Fei Tian

VI.Efficient Heat Conversion Management and Solar Energy Utilization
Person in charge: Jian Qu
Introduction: The main study work is on the research of nano/micro-scaled flow heat transfer and related high-efficient heat management and heat utilization. The detailed contents include the applications of microelectronic devices, high-power LEDS, concentrating solar cell cooling, solar energy thermal utilization, and the development of heat pump energy-saving system in air conditioner et al.
Members: Xin-Yue Han, Ying-Hui Wang, Qin Sun, Tao Liu, Xiao-Li Dai, Min-Bo Zhong

VII.Heat and Humidity Environment Control and Heat Exchange Equipment Research
Person in charge: Feng-Hua Ge
Introduction: The main research directions are on the energy-saving control of building hot/humid environment (indoor hot environmental evaluation and analysis, airflow organization simulation technology, cooling/heating medium parameter optimization of air conditioning system et al), and the study of heat exchanger (applications of high-efficiency heat and mass transfer technology in heat exchanger, development of new structure and the overall/ partial optimization of the heat exchanger).
Members: Zi-Cheng Hu, Rong-Jin Xu, Wen-Jie Lu, Yuan Zhang, Xing-Long Guo, Zhao-Li Zhang

VIII.Multiphase Flow and Combustion
Person in charge: Zhu-Liang Wang
Introduction: This division is carrying out the research of high-efficient conversion of fuels and pollutant control, including 1) high-efficient cascade utilization of waste heat from thermal power plants, 2) chemical chain combustion/hydrogen production technology, 3) low-nitrogen combustion technology, and 4) high-efficient heat transfer of nanofluids et al.
Members: Min Du, Min Zhang, Ming Luo, Qi-Gang Cen

IX.(Micro) Fluid Machinery and System Research
Person in charge: Xiu-Hua He
Introduction: This division is carrying out the research on microfluidic machinery, basic theory of micromixers, high-performance product development, new microsystem operation technologies, optimization design and performance analysis of micropumps and micromixers, and flow characteristics of microscale flow tubes.
Members: Yan-Xia Fu, Song Yang, Guan-Hua Mei, Yuan-Yuan Gu

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